Juntetsu Seiki has launched their professional hairdressing scissor brand for USA, Canadian and Australian hairdressers and barber customers.

Made from high-quality Japanese steel, Juntetsu Scissor models are popular for professionals in Japan, Korea, USA, Canada and Australia.

What does a pair of Juntetsu Scissors inlcude:

  • Each pair of scissors includes a lifetime warranty.
  • High-quality hardened steel made from the purest lightweight iron
  • Sharp Convex-Edge Cutting Blades
  • V-Shaped or Prism Thinning Teeth
  • Japanese Designed Offset Ergonomics to protect you while working in salon or barbershop

We provide scissors direct to reseller and distributors. Wholesale price available at Juntetsu Official scissor website for customers international customers in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more.

Read more as Juntetsu releases information about our professional scissor brand, models, reviews and extra details.